About Multitasking and Vehicle Accidents

One of the main causes of vehicle accidents in the United States is driving distractions. Many have been injured, died, and incurred damages to property every year because of these.

Ironically, even though many drivers proclaim that they drive with safety as their top priority, many of them are still unaware that doing other activities simultaneously with driving can be dangerous and at times even fatal.

On multitasking

There are two words that best describe the lifestyles of many of today’s people: fast and demanding.

Accordingly, many people nowadays are capable of doing two or more things at the same time. Multitasking, for most people, contribute to being productive and being able to save time.

This term usually refers to the manual tasks involved in an office setting. But then, multitasking is not only reserved on such situations-even driving involves multitasking. However, it can be dangerous, especially if the activity is outside of the realm of driving, wherein one has to take the eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel.

Factors on why multitasking while driving happens

Technology is one factor why vehicle accidents happen in relation to multitasking. Drivers nowadays have their mobile phones in handy, but many of them use them while they drive. Doing so is called distracted driving, and it can greatly increase the likelihood of a person to get injured or killed.

According to statistics, out of 80 percent of drivers who admit to multitasking while driving, 19 percent of them use their mobile phones to answer a call or send a text message.

Incidentally, even the interior design of the vehicle is seen as a factor why drivers multitask while driving. Many car manufacturers nowadays design and build their vehicles with so-called ‘creature comforts’ like drink holders, dashboard audio/visual entertainment provisions, trays, and compartments for certain gadgets like mobile phones and laptops.

Unfortunately, such add-ons only tempt drivers to mind them as they take the wheel; indeed, a serious breach of safety driving rules.

Multitasking activities

Here are some examples of activities that drivers do while driving that can be considered as multitasking:

• Eating or drinking
• Pressing on the controls of the car stereo
• Doing make-up or other grooming activities
• Disciplining children inside the vehicle

Multitasking can indeed cause problems not only for the potential victims, but for the drivers themselves. Accordingly, victims who may think that there is someone liable for their injuries have the right for compensation from the damages received. But first, they must hire a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer for them to be properly guided and advised.