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The Home Business Opportunity Market Has Run Upon Hard Times

The market for home business opportunities is in a sad state. Often referred to as “get rich quick scams” or wealth systems, home business opportunities have been around for years. These systems come in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and electronic reports among other formats. Sadly the “get rich quick scam” label is justly applied too often.

The home business opportunity market isn’t an inherently bad market. Many people have been very successful working a home based business. Working from home is also a widely held dream in this country. It only makes sense that those that have been successful should be able to offer teaching services for those who would like to duplicate this success. The problem is that this is also a market that offers potential to scam artists.

The dream of growing independently wealthy by working from home is one that is easy to sell. The low cost of entry into a market like this makes it so that anyone can throw together a wealth system, claim that it has worked for them, and start selling it.

There have been few attempts at creating any type of regulatory force for wealth systems. A number of sites that claim to review these systems are, in fact, just set up to bash many systems in the attempt to promote as single system that the webmaster wants to sell. Most of these attempts are fairly transparent. After a good deal of research the author was only able to find a couple sites in which it appeared that the reviewers had actually purchased and read the information in question.

The two most notable examples are homebasedbusinessrevew and 7coachwealthsystem. Both of these sites appear to offer objective reviews of home business opportunity systems. The amount of time that it took to even find 2 reputable review sites speaks to the problem at hand. A solid clean up of this industry would help both the consumer and the sellersof the truly good products.